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The local government of Nagykanizsa and the Kanizsa Riding Club have been organizing equestrian competitions near the Rowing Lake of the town since 1995. After the continuous development of the competition course qualified by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI), many high-standard international events were organized which were visited by several foreign riders.

The first three-day event was organized in Nagykanizsa in 1996. The competition was accepted as the 2nd round of the National Championships of the following years. The year by year progression provided an opportunity for us to organize the first international three-day event of the town in 2002. These trials were the first international attempts in Hungary after a long intermission.

We are proud to sign the most significant three-day event of Hungary since 2002, year after year. According to international judges assisted at the 10th National and International Three-Day Event in 2005, the course could be host of an Unprofessional or Junior European Eventing Championship in some years. In this year we organized international show jumping competition as well. The First Alps Adriatic Cup CSI* International Show Jumping Event was held with great success in June 2005.

Unfortunately, both international events were cancelled in 2006, because of financial insufficiency. However, there was no such high-standard international three-day event in the country in 2006, like it was in Nagykanizsa in the years before. Therefore the expressed need of the riders for a high impact competition still existed. This demand inspired us at the beginning stage of the organization in 1996 and at the continuous development after that. Namely, it is very important for the riders of the region to compete on well equipped, high level international courses, because this is the only way to represent their country with success in competitions abroad.

The unique nature of the course, the reached international successes and appreciations urged us to continue the obtained achievements. The national and international interest showed that it is meritable and beneficial to relive the tradition of the most important and prominent eventing competition of the country.

There were two international equestrian events projected for 2007. Beside the – so called – traditional CCI* and CCI** International Three-Day Event, which generated great national and international inquisition, also the CSI* International Show Jumping Event was organized. For improving the level of the event, Italian Course Designer Mr. Francesco Finocchiaro was invited to manage the work on the cross coutry course. The success was acknowledged by national and international professionals. Conte Giulio Pocci, International Technical Delegate and Ms. Joanne P.C. Domin, International Judge were highly satisfied with the organization of the event.

Since 2008, Mr. Karl Paar is the leader of the constructions on the course. Continuing the work of his Italian colleague, The Austrian International Course Designer’s aim was to build a technical and fair, high level course serving a good event.

The 12th Nagykanizsa Horse Trials took place from 20th to 22nd June 2008. The event was a nice exam and was admired by FEI officials Mr. Carlheinz Boeß, International Technical Delegate and Ms. Joanne P.C. Domin, International Judge, and also by riders and spetators.

Noticeable, that Nagykanizsa Horse Trails were of highest level competitons both of the country and the international region in 2007 and 2008. Events with this level were organized in three venues of the international region (Feldbach and Laintal – Austria, Motesice – Slovakia); higher level was not organized.

Amelioration of the ground of the whole course, construction of horse and rider familiar fences, and organization of a more entertaining event are our primary motives for the future. As apprechiation of our efforts our application for the European Championship for Rural Riders was accepted and Nagykanizsa was the host venue of this valuable event in 2009. We would like to get the opportunity from the FEI to welcome native and foreign riders also as the host of the European Eventing Championships for Juniors or Young Riders in the forthcoming years. Organization of the continental tournaments is an unprecedented possibility for the Hungarian eventing sport.

Besides these great plans, regional show jumping competitions are also organized and we are planning to welcome dressage competitions in the future.

Our goal with the organization of the most valuable events of our country is to promote the development and popularization of the equestrian sports.

Organising Committee