Organizers of the brand new course of the beautiful historical town, Eger, have been doing great efforts to contruct a fabulous venue. They have a clear goal: provide an equestrian center with optimal conditions where riders and horses can compete and prepare for the highest level international events.

The reorganization of the area had been performed during the past few years, and massive obstacles have been installed all over the field. With the help of Austrian Karl Paar and his Hungarian colleague, Ákos Jobbik, the course is ready to be used by competitors. Optimal footing has been prepared on the slight hills under the famous wineyards of Eger, so the park gives perfect opportunity for riders and spectators to enjoy a nice and joyful show.

Pilot event will be organized on 28-29 September, in two categories, CNC-A0, the lowest level of national classes, and CIC1*, first stage of international classes. Debut will be followed by more categories from next year, and already achieved sponsorships will provide good backround for a famous tournament of the region - Tamás Fodor, leader of the Organizing Committee explained.

Eger1 2, the town with old narrow back-streets, restaurants offering traditional Hungarian culinary and world famous wines invites everyone from the equestrian community to join the opening of the new eventing venue.

Please check our photos taken during the field works.


More photos on the website of the Organizer HERE.

28-29 September 2013

International schedule

National schedule (coming soon)