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National eventing calendar for 2018

Bábolna, April 20-22 - CNC A0, A, B, CNC*
Budapest & Dunakeszi-Alag, May 18-20 - CCI*/**/***
Nagykanizsa, July 6-7 - CNC A0, A, CCI Intro, CIC* CCI*
Kazár, August 4 - CNC A0
Kaposvár, August17-19 - CNC A0, A, CCI Intro, CIC*
Sóskút, September 8 - CNC A0, A
Bábolna, October 12-14 - CNC A0, A, B, CNC*/**

Subject to change!

Hungarian Eventing has been progressing enormously in the last few years. The country was the proud host of the European Championship for Rural Riders in 2009, and the prosperous commitment of the organizers in Nagykanizsa is still undiminished. Nagykanizsa has demonstrated several times that they are talented in organizing eventing competitions. Besides ECRR2009, the city has been the host for several national and international horse trials since 1996. Their latest events were huge successes of Hungarian Eventing: 10 nations, more than 100 combinations per events, half of them in international classes, and nearly half of total entries from foreign countries. The amazing landscape of the venue, the very well designed and constructed courses and the practise of the organizers ensure all of us that Nagykanizsa will provide a very nice event again.

The experienced team of Pannon Equestrian Academy in Kaposvár has been organizing high level equestrian events since more than 20 years (Dressage World Cups, World and European Vaulting Championships, International Show Jumping Events). The outstanding infrastructural background, prefect facilities fully suitable for all requirements and the large free land applicable for cross country course provided optimal conditions for three-day events. Accordingly, Kaposvár started organizing eventing competitions in 2007. The course has been developing continuously, new fences and combinations have been added year-by-year. Kaposvár hosted the FEI European Championship for Ponies in 2017. The event was a great success in all three Olympic disciplines. The organization is absolutely ready to open internationally and to show its great potential among high level eventing competitions.

New Hungarian venues joined the eventing calendar, as a part of the FEI Eventing Development Program. The Alag Racecourse and Training Center is an iconic place of Hungarian horse racing history with a great tradition. This venue will host the first 3-star international Horse Trials in Hungary. As one of the first steps of the preparations, the national Eventing Committee organized a training for national course builders in spring of 2012. The two-days training was launched with the help of the FEI and its directors were the course builders of the 2008 Olympic Games, David Evans and Richard Taylor. In September 2012 venue had the first three day event and continued in May of 2013 with the first ever international 3-star eventing competition of Hungary.

Bábolna is the other major stakeholder of Hungarian Eventing. The national stud organizes two events anually, one in spring, and the second in fall, which traditionally is the senior national championship in eventing.

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