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Contact details on showground

Alag Racecourse and Training Center
Verseny str., 2120 Dunakeszi googlemaps

Access info (route plan to the venue)

Expo Congress Hotel (Budapest)
Green Hotel (Budapest)
Part Café Étterem és Panzió (Dunakeszi)
Kikelet Panzió (Dunakeszi)
Zsember-I-Ker Kft. Munkavállalói Hotel (Dunakeszi)

Weather forecast

Traffic regulations at the event
Visitors are kindly asked to use only the designated parking lots. Do not pass the road dedicated for riders. Do not stop on the roads and do not block the traffic.

Suggestions for visitors
To enable new visitors to enjoy the event, please consider the following points.

Think practical, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
Hopefully we will have nice and warm weather, so it is good to have light clothes. It is advisable to use hat and coat yourself with a good sun-block prior to arrival, and bring extra supplies to top up. Pay extra attention for protecting children!
Although it is sunny, the weather might be rainy, so a good raincoat is always practical. (The competition will run also in rain.)
We propose to take a walk on the cross country. For this, sensible footwear is advisable. Take into account that the ground can be soft during heavy rain.

Health and prevention of accidents:
We provide continuous medical service during the event. Should you need any assistance, please contact our colleagues.
If you suffer from hay-fever or horse allergies, don’t forget to bring your antihistamines or other medications.
Never approach a horse without experienced person. Proceed to the spectator's area during the competitions. Do not pass the competition or practice areas. Visiting the stables is prohibited for spectators.
Please, look after your children with a great attention.
Dogs are also welcome at the event, however using of leash and muzzle is obligatory.

The caterers on site offer a selection of food to go, ranging from snacks to complete dished. Tea and coffee, soft drinks and bar facilities are also available on the course and in the main arena.
Of course you can always bring your own picnic (use only the spectator's area). Please remember to dispose of your rubbish appropriately.

Park your car in the parking lot. The event venue is approx. 5 minutes walk from there.
Before arriving, orientate by using the local maps of the event venue.
During the event, there will be some breaks between categories, while additional programs will be performed.
Please, take extra care of your possessions.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us via email, or ask our colleagues in the information boxes at the venue site, or call +36302248059.
Have a nice weekend and enjoy your stay at Alag Horse Trails.

Organizing Committee